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Photonics4Industry will deliver at least 100 cluster exchanges via ClusterXchange scheme in at least 5 European countries. At least 12 consortia staff members will enhance cluster management skills and at least 250 SMEs will benefit from at least 20 new individual and joint services developed during the project. Cooperation agreements will be signed with at least 2 external non-photonics Industry clusters and with at least 5 established innovation networks. 1000 SMEs will be reached by project communication.

Photonics4Industry partner clusters:

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is mandated to represent Photonics Austria for the full duration of the Photonics4industry project.
The main tasks of JOANNEUM RESEARCH mandated to represent Photonics Austria are to develop and support national and international research strategies and programs and to promote networking with European photonic activities, as well as to offer national actors an exchange platform. Photonics Austria is mainly active in the application fields of industry, ICT, smart Lighting, life science, mobility, agriculture and quantum technologies. 
Key competences: Research, Networking, Innovation, Knowledge Transfer, Public Relations, Laser production technologies, LED & Lighting technologies, Optical communication, Quantum technologies, Optical sensors, Imaging systems 

Photonics Bretagne 
Photonics Bretagne carries out technology transfer, supports innovation and contributes to industrial development of its members and regional SMEs by promoting the integration of photonics technologies in applications sectors (agrifood, agriculture, medical, industry, defence/security…). 
Key competences: Custom optical fibres such as microstructured (Airclad, Nonlinear PCF, Hollow-core, endlessly single-mode…), multicore, few mode, active VLMA and components: silica capillaries, stress rods, Fan-in/Fan-out, fibre tapers … (product line: PERFOS®). Scientific studies and proof of concept in the field of biophotonics (in particular for the Agrifood sector) are also a growing activity. 

Photonics BW  
Photonics BW acts as a cross-industry platform for intensive professional exchange on photonics and quantum technologies. The innovation network is open to all companies as well as research and educational institutions with a connection to optical technologies – both as manufacturers and users.  
Key competences: Laser Material Processing, Optical Metrology and Image Processing, Optical-Design and Simulation, Optical Communication, Photonics in Medicine and Biotechnology, Illumination- and Display technologies, Solar Technology, Hyperspectral Imaging, Quantum Technologies 

Photonics Finland 
Photonics Finland is a technology-oriented association and cluster that drives the photonics industry and academia in Finland by connecting Finnish photonics companies, universities, research institutes, professionals, students, and public authorities. It is the single point of contact for photonics ecosystem in Finland. 
Key competences: Knowledge Transfer, Networking, Events & Exhibitions, Innovation, Public Relations, Optical Sensing and Imaging, Micro- and Nanophotonics, Lasers and Fiber Optics, VR, AR, MR and XR.  

Visoriai IT Park – TOOLAS cluster  
TOOLAS cluster focuses on advanced laser micromachining solutions, starting from individual parts, continuing with software development, and finishing with micromachining equipment production. Cluster goal is to develop an infrastructure where pooling members competences, resources, and R&D activities lead towards new technological solutions, accelerate mutual growth, and generate additional value to the customers. 
Key competences: Laser processing systems, Ultrafast laser processing, Optomechanical engineering, Customized optical systems, Metrology and quality assurance.