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The first ClusterXchange event was succesfully launched in Tampere, Finland!

The first Photonics4Industry (P4I) ClusterXchange event was successfully held in Tampere, Finland on September 7. – 9. 2022. Visitors from Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), Izovac Group and SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques company had a great opportunity to visit P4I partner Photonics Finland member companies AAC Technologies, Tampere University, PREIN Photonics Research and Innovation Flagship, Ampliconyx and Ring an Amazon company.

P4I ClusterXchange was held during the annual Photonics Finland main event Optics & Photonics Days (OPD) 2022, which was held 6. – 8. September in Tampere, Finland. The event gathered 350 experts from Industry and Academy, students, and companies from all parts of Europe to enjoy the excellent program and discussions together with photonics community in Finland. Next OPD will be held in 30 May – 1st June 2023 in Joensuu, Finland and will be joined with a ClusterXchange and company visits on 2nd June 2023.