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New partnership and market opportunities in photonics

Photonics4Industry creates new partnerships and helps companies enter new markets by providing access to project funding along with research and business development opportunities. New Digital platform gathers the services. 

Collaboration is the key and European photonics clusters from Lithuania, Austria, France, Germany and Finland know it well. During spring 2022, Photonics4Industry (P4I) strategic partnership started its ambitious journey towards creating a new kind of Digital platform including 20 new joint-services portfolio provided specifically for European photonics SMEs needs. This Digital Platform enables partner clusters to gather services on a larger scale and also for companies to find and acquire the services based on their needs. 

The need is crucial since the photonics field globally is looking for different types of services and continuing training from vocational to doctoral level. Previous experience has shown that the training services are needed from photonics basics such as laser-security or cleanroom management to more advanced topics. Services are always made to match the companies’ needs and also new service opportunities are being explored. The aim is to provide a clearer and more achievable portfolio of services which gains significant benefits from the European cluster collaboration and expertise.

The development of the services and the Digital platform will be carried out during a two year EU funded COSME-project. The Digital platform will have 4 different phases of development which will be based on the information received from the project actions. Some of the features and services of the Digital platform will be available only for the registered cluster members. 

Now the first phase of Digital platform has been released and has come to life. Currently the website  includes the visual identity of the partnership among the main information of all the ongoing and upcoming actions such as ClusterXchange events. The second phase will be released at the end of 2022, which will include cluster services and many other new features.

Sharing the networks

Photonics4Industry accelerates industrial modernization, particularly enhancing the competitiveness and global market access for European photonics SMEs by providing B2B networking opportunities for companies. 

Through ClusterXchange, companies are able to host but also to visit other European organisations to exchange best practices and encourage future partnerships. The ClusterXchange is coordinated at national and regional level by the P4I partner clusters whose members have exclusive opportunity to benefit from this funded service. 

Contact to your local cluster / P4I partner to receive more information. All contacts can be found here.

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